Optimization Concepts and Applications in Engineering

Optimization Concepts and Applications in Engineering

Chandrupatla, Tirupathi R. (Rowan University, New Jersey); Belegundu, Ashok D. (Pennsylvania State University)

Cambridge University Press






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A revised and expanded third edition, this book integrates theory, modeling, the development of numerical methods, and problem solving to apply optimization to real-world problems. This book is ideal for advanced undergraduate, graduate and applied mathematics courses as well as practicing engineers.
Preface; 1. Preliminary concepts; 2. One-dimensional unconstrained minimization; 3. Unconstrained optimization; 4. Linear programming; 5. Constrained minimization; 6. Penalty functions, duality, and geometric programming; 7. Direct search methods for nonlinear optimization; 8. Multi-objective optimization; 9. Integer and discrete programming; 10. Dynamic programming; 11. Optimization applications for transportation, assignment, and network problems; 12. Finite element and simulation-based optimization; Index.
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