Optical Effects in Solids

Optical Effects in Solids

Tanner, David B. (University of Florida)

Cambridge University Press






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An overview of the optical effects in solids, addressing the physics of various materials and their response to electromagnetic radiation. Enabling the reader to connect measurements with the underlying physics of solids, it is an ideal resource for students and researchers interested in solid state physics, optics, and materials science.
Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Maxwell's equations and plane waves in matter; 3. The complex dielectric function and refractive index; 4. Classical theories for the dielectric function; 5. Phonons; 6. A look at real solids; 7. Transmission and reflection; 8. Free-electron metals; 9. Optical excitations: quantum mechanics; 10. Kramers-Kronig relations and sum rules; 11. Superconductors; 12. Semiconductors and insulators; 13. Strongly interacting solids; 14. Nonlocal effects; 15. Anisotropic crystals; 16. Magneto-optics; 17. Inhomogeneous materials; Appendices; References; Index.
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