Optical Effects in Solids

Optical Effects in Solids

Cambridge University Press






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Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Maxwell's equations and plane waves in matter; 3. The complex dielectric function and refractive index; 4. Classical theories for the dielectric function; 5. Phonons; 6. A look at real solids; 7. Transmission and reflection; 8. Free-electron metals; 9. Optical excitations: quantum mechanics; 10. Kramers-Kronig relations and sum rules; 11. Superconductors; 12. Semiconductors and insulators; 13. Strongly interacting solids; 14. Nonlocal effects; 15. Anisotropic crystals; 16. Magneto-optics; 17. Inhomogeneous materials; Appendices; References; Index.
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