Operating Room Leadership and Perioperative Practice Management

Operating Room Leadership and Perioperative Practice Management

Kaye, Alan David (Louisiana State University); Urman, Richard D.; Fox, III, Charles J. (Louisiana State University, Shreveport)

Cambridge University Press






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Management of the operating room is critical to ensuring that policies, systems and teams are efficient, safe and cost-effective. This book details the techniques of effective leadership, using real-life operating room examples, and covering the aspects of successful management, from medical issues through to administration and policy.
Part I. Leadership and Strategy: 1. Leadership principles Christoph Egger and Alex Macario; 2. The path to successful operating room environment Ross Musumeci, Alan David Kaye, Charles J. Fox, III and Richard D. Urman; 3. Strategic planning Michael R. Williams; 4. Decision making: the art and the science Michael R. Williams; 5. Implications of emotional intelligence and collaboration for OR leadership and management Markus M. Luedi, Jonas Schnider and Frank Stueber; 6. Operating room culture change Shilpadevi Patil, Debbie Chandler, Charles J. Fox, III and Elyse Cornett; Part II. Economic Considerations, Efficiency, and Design: 7. Flow disruptions in surgery David S. Silver and Douglas P. Slakey; 8. Influence of operating room staffing and scheduling on operating room productivity Franklin Dexter and Richard H. Epstein; 9. Operations management and financial performance Seth Christian; 10. Reengineering operating room function Nigel N. Robertson; 11. Operating room design and construction: technical considerations Judy Dahle and Pat Patterson; 12. Operating an ambulatory surgery center as a successful business John J. Wellick; 13. Influence of patient- and procedure-specific factors on OR efficiency and decision making Markus M. Luedi, Thomas J. Sieber and Dietrich Doll; 14. Operating room management in the perioperative surgical home and other future care models Juhan Paiste, John Schlitt and Thomas R. Vetter; 15. Non-OR locations John M. Trummel, Brenda A. Gentz and William R. Furman; 16. Efficiency and scheduling Brian C. Spence and William R. Furman; 17. Operating room budgets: an overview Steve Boggs and Sanjana Vig; Part III. Surgical and Anesthesia Practice Management: 18. Preoperative evaluation and management Alicia G. Kalamas; 19. Identifying bottleneck constraints to improve the preoperative evaluation process Mitchell H. Tsai, Elie Sarraf, Kyle R Kirkham and Terrence L. Trentman; 20. Anesthesia practice management Sonya Pease; 21. Defining the anesthesia value proposition Jody Locke; 22. Anesthesia billing, coding and compliance Devona Slater; 23. Postanesthetic care unit management: building a safe and efficient service Henry Liu, Longqiu Yang, Michael Green and Alan David Kaye; 24. Pain practice management Steve Waldman; 25. Office-based surgery practice Jonathan P. Eskander, Cory Roberts and Charles J. Fox, III; 26. The future of perioperative medicine Michael R. Hicks and Laurie Saletnik; Part IV. Nursing: 27. Operating room metrics Todd Brown; 28. Operating room staffing guidelines Todd Brown; 29. Resource management Todd Brown; Part V. Safety, Standards, and Information Technology: 30. The joint commission, CMS, and other standards Shermeen B. Vakharia and Zeev Kain; 31. Sedation: clinical and safety considerations Ann Bui and Richard D. Urman; 32. Medical informatics in the perioperative period Ori Gottlieb and Keith J. Ruskin; 33. Simulation as a tool to improve patient safety Valeriy Kozmenko, Lyubov Kozmenko, Melvin Wyche and Alan David Kaye; 34. Education in operating room management Sanjana Vig, Steven Boggs, Richard D. Urman and Mitchell Tsai; 35. Organizations dedicated to and current overview of enhanced recovery after surgery Bret D. Alvis, Adam B. King, Matthew D McEvoy and Jesse M. Ehrenfeld; 36. Checklist utility in the perioperative care environment Blas Catalani and Ezekiel Tayler; 37. Anesthesiology disaster management and emergency preparedness Ezekiel Tayler, Blas Catalini, Jill Cooley and Chris Sharp; 38. Novel technology for patient engagement Matthew B. Novitch, Peter A. Gold, Aiden Feng and Mark R. Jones.
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