On Feeding the Masses

On Feeding the Masses

An Anatomy of Regulatory Failure in China

Yasuda, John (Indiana University)

Cambridge University Press






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The book examines the politics of regulatory policymaking, supply chain management, and standards setting in the world's largest food production system. By understanding China's scale problem in governance, scholars, policymakers, and business leaders will be able to identify the root causes of and potential solutions to China's food safety crisis.
1. Food safety and China's scale problem; 2. Revisiting scale; 3. On feeding the masses; 4. The export sector: the heavy hand of direct control; 5. CSA markets: 'I don't sell vegetables, I sell trust'; 6. Failed state policies: scale and its discontents; 7. Co-regulatory initiatives: China's big, small farmer problem; 8. Scaling-down: moving from global to the local; 9. Scaling-up: from local experiments to national solutions?; 10. The scale politics of regulatory giants compared; 11. Parting thoughts on scale; Appendix; References; Bibliography.
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