Nonlinear Optical Systems

Nonlinear Optical Systems

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Preface; Part I. Models, Propagation, Steady-State Phenomena: 1. Rate equation model for the laser; 2. Interaction of a system of two-level atoms with the electromagnetic field; 3. The Maxwell-Bloch equations; 4. Inclusion of the irreversible processes in the atomic equations; 5. Linear and nonlinear propagation in irreversible Maxwell-Bloch equations; 6. Optical nonlinearities: materials with quadratic nonlinearities; 7. Optical nonlinearities: materials with cubic nonlinearities; 8. Optical resonators: the planar ring cavity, empty cavity, linear cavity; 9. Nonlinear active ring cavity: the ring laser, stationary states; 10. The adiabatic elimination principle; 11. Nonlinear passive ring cavity: optical bistability; 12. Modal equations for the ring cavity: the single-mode model; 13. Single- and two-mode models; 14. Nonlinear dynamics in Fabry-Perot cavities; 15. Inhomogeneous broadening; 16. The semiconductor laser; 17. Laser without inversion and the effects of atomic coherence; Part II. Dynamical Phenomena, Instabilities, Chaos: 18. Some general aspects in nonlinear dissipative dynamical systems; 19. Special limits in the single-mode model; 20. The linear stability analysis of Maxwell-Bloch equations; 21. Adiabatic elimination in the complete Maxwell-Bloch equations; 22. Dynamical aspects in the laser; 23. Single- and multi-mode operation in inhomogeneously broadened lasers; 24. Dynamical aspects in optical bistability; 25. Self-pulsing in other optical systems; Part III. Transverse Optical Patterns: 26. Gaussian beams and modes of cavities with spherical mirrors; 27. General features about optical pattern formation in planar cavities; 28. The LL model; 29. Spatial patterns in cavities with spherical mirrors; 30. Cavity solitons; Appendixes; References; Index.
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