New Perspectives on Pakistan's Political Economy

New Perspectives on Pakistan's Political Economy

State, Class and Social Change

McCartney, Matthew; Zaidi, S. Akbar

Cambridge University Press






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Preface Matthew McCartney and S. Akbar Zaidi; Introduction Matthew McCartney and S. Akbar Zaidi; 1. In a desperate state: the social sciences and the overdeveloped state in Pakistan, 1950 to 1983 Matthew McCartney; 2. The overdeveloped Alavian legacy Aasim Sajjad Akhtar; 3. Institutions matter: the state, the military and social class Aqil Shah; 4. Class is dead but faith never dies: women, Islam and Pakistan Afiya Shehrbano Zia; 5. The amnesia of genesis Adeem Suhail; 6. The political economy of uneven state-spatiality in Pakistan: the interplay of space, class and institutions Danish Khan; 7. An evolving class structure? Pakistan's ruling classes and the implications for Pakistan's political economy Rosita Armytage; 8. The segmented 'rural elite': agrarian transformation and rural politics in Pakistani Punjab Muhammad Ali Jan; 9. Ascending the power structure: bazaar traders in urban Punjab Umair Javed; 10. Democracy and patronage in Pakistan Hassan Javid; 11. From overdeveloped state to Praetorian Pakistan: tracing the media's transformations Farooq Sulehria; About the contributors; Index.
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