New Approaches to Neo-Kantianism

New Approaches to Neo-Kantianism

de Warren, Nicolas; Staiti, Andrea

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: towards a reconsideration of Neo-Kantianism Nicolas de Warren; Part I. Neo-Kantianism and Philosophy: 1. The Neo-Kantians on the meaning and status of philosophy Andrea Staiti; 2. Neo-Kantian ideas of history Alan Kim; 3. Neo-Kantianism and analytic philosophy Hans-Johann Glock; 4. Eine reise um die welt: Cassirer's cosmological phenomenology Nicolas de Warren; Part II. Ethics and Culture: 5. Philosophy as philosophy of culture? Christian Krijnen; 6. The validity of norms in Neo-Kantian ethics Beatrice Centi; 7. Neo-Kantianism in the philosophy of law: its value and actuality Jonathan Trejo-Mathys; 8. Neo-Kantianism and the social sciences: from Rickert to Weber Gerhard Wagner and Claudius Harpfer; 9. Simmel's Rembrandt and The View of Life Karen Lang; 10. The binding of Isaac and the boundaries of reason: religion since Kant Peter E. Gordon; Part III. Theory of Knowledge: 11. The philosophy of the Marburg School: from the critique of scientific cognition to the philosophy of culture Sebastian Luft; 12. Natorp's psychology Daniel O. Dahlstrom; 13. Cassirer and the philosophy of science Massimo Ferrari; 14. Kant and the Neo-Kantians on mathematics Luca Oliva; Primary sources; Index.