Transitions to Capitalism in Early Modern Europe

Transitions to Capitalism in Early Modern Europe

Economies in the Era of Early Globalization, c. 1450 - c. 1820

DuPlessis, Robert S. (Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania)

Cambridge University Press






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Revised, updated and expanded, this second edition of Robert S. DuPlessis' bestselling account of European economic development from the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution analyzes agrarian, industrial, and commercial structures and practices within a global context, introducing classic interpretations, current debates and new scholarship.
Preface; Part I: 1. Issues and interpretations; 2. European economies on the eve of globalization; Part II: Introduction: the long sixteenth century; 3. Goods and people on the move; 4. The limits of agricultural growth; 5. Industrial tradition and innovation; Part III: Introduction: from seventeenth-century crisis to long eighteenth century; 6. Commerce, capital, consumption; 7. Agriculture: divergence, development, disappointment; 8. Proto-industry to early Industrial Revolution; 9. Transitions; Appendices.
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