Neurology and Religion

Neurology and Religion


Cambridge University Press






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Editor's introduction; Part I. Basic Issues in the Neurological Study of Religion: 1. The discipline of neurology Alasdair Coles; 2. The scientific study of religion Joanna Collicutt; 3. Methodological hazards in the neuroscientific study of religion Stuart Judge; 4. Embodied cognition and the neurology of religion Warren Brown; 5. Phenomenology, neurology, psychiatry, and religious commitment Ian Kidd; 6. Philosophical hazards in the neuroscientific study of religion Daniel de Haan; 7. The glass onion and the mereological fallacy Sophie Grace Chappell; 8. Toward an Islamic neuropsychiatry: a classification of the diseases of the head in Abul-Hasan 'Alibn Sahl At-Tabari's paradise of women Neil Agarawak; Part II. Neurology and Religion: 9. Temporal lobe epilepsy, Dostoyevsky and irrational significance Alasdair Coles; 10. Parkinson's disease, religious belief and spirituality Clare Refern and Roger Baker; 11. Beyond reasonable doubt: cognitive and neuropsychological implications for religious disbelief Gordon Pennycook, Daniel Tranel, Kelsey Warner and Erik W. Asp; 12. Ramadam fasting and neurological disorders Ashraf El-Mitwalli; 13. Autism and the panoply of religious belief, disbelief and experience Kelly Clark and Ingela Visuri; 14. Personhood and religion in people with dementia Julian Hughes; 15. Religion and frontotemporal dementia Nicolas Block and Bruce Miller; 16. Religion and spirituality in neuro-rehabilitation: a case study Joanna Collicutt; 17. Eastern spirituality, mind-body practices and neuro-rehabilitation Giles Yeates; 18. Examining the continuum of life to determine death: a Jewish perspective Aron Buchman; 19. Near death and out of body experience: a case for dialogue between scientist and theologian? Michael Marsh.
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