Neurocritical Care

Neurocritical Care

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1. Introduction: the practice of neurocritical care Andrew Naidech; 2. Measurement and treatment of intracranial pressure Tanuwong Viarasilpa and Stephan A. Mayer; 3. Disorders of temperature regulation Ameeta Karmarkar and Andrew Naidech; 4. Approach to neuroimaging of the brain, vessels, and cerebral edema Muhammad Umair, Tyler Hinkel, Alexander W. Korutz, Eric J. Russell and Alexander J. Nemeth; 5. Airway and ventilator management of the neurologically critically ill patient Howard Lee; 6. Neurocritical care pharmacology Deepika P. McConnell; 7. Intracerebral haemorrhage Brandon Francis; 8. Correction of coagulopathy Ahmed M. Salem and Tiffany R. Chang; 9. Subarachnoid hemorrhage [including stunned myocardium] H. Alex Choi and Swathi Kondapalli; 10. Subdural hematoma Peter Pruitt; 11. Critical care management of neurotrauma Giang T. Quach and Michael Shapiro; 12. Critical care management before and after open and intravascular procedures Aimee Aysenne and Martha Robinson; 13. Shared decision-making in the Neuro-ICU Kelsey Goostrey and Susanne Muehlschlegel; 14. Status epilepticus and EEG monitoring Dionne E. Swor and Deepika P. McConnell; 15. Evaluation of coma Aimee Aysenne.