Network Origins of the Global Economy

Network Origins of the Global Economy

East vs. West in a Complex Systems Perspective

Cambridge University Press






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Preface Brian Arthur; Part I. Political Economy and Complex Systems: 1. Great transitions in economic history; 2. Growth, form, and self-organization in the economy; 3. Human evolutionary behavior and political economy; Part II. An Analysis of Historical Regimes: 4. Network assemblage of regime stability and resilience; 5. Network formation and the emergence of law: from feudalism to small-world connectivity (with Cameron Harwick); 6. The network foundations of the Great Divergence (with Qing Tian); Part III. The Coming Instability: 7. Has the baton passed to China? (with Liu Baocheng); 8. China's ambitions and the future of the global economy (with Liu Baocheng); 9. Global networks over time (with Kevin Comer, Jack Goldstone, and David Masad); 10. A future of diminishing returns or massive transformation?; 11. Network structure and economic change: East vs. West.
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