Neonatal Hematology

Neonatal Hematology

Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Management of Hematologic Problems

Christensen, Robert D.; de Alarcon, Pedro A.; Sola-Visner, Martha C.; Werner, Eric J.

Cambridge University Press






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Foreword James Stockman III; Preface Pedro A. de Alarcon, Eric Werner, Robert D. Christensen and Martha Sola-Visner; Part I. Developmental Hematology: 1. A historical review Howard Pearson (deceased); 2. Hematopoiesis Amber M. D'Souza, Pedro de Alarcon and Mervin C. Yoder; 3. The development of the human immune system Amy O'Connell, Angela Rivers and William B. Slayton; Part II. Bone Marrow Failure and Immune Disorders: 4. Bone marrow failure syndromes Amy Geddis, Meera Srikanthan and Katie Bergstrom; 5. Immunodeficiency diseases of the neonate Julie J. Kim-Chang, James L. Wynn, Matthew A. Saxonhouse and John W. Sleasman; Part III. Erythrocyte Disorders: 6. Newborn genetic screening for blood disorders Parul Rai, Ewelina K. Mamcarz and Jane Hankins; 7. A guide to identifying the cause of anemia in a neonate Robert D. Christensen; 8. Anemia of prematurity and indications for erythropoietin therapy Pamela Kling; 9. Hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn Mary Beth Ross, Stephen P. Emery, Pedro de Alarcon and Jon F. Watchko; 10. Neonatal hemolysis Bertil Glader and Aditi Kamdar; 11. Polycythemia and hyperviscosity in the newborn Ted Rosenkrantz and William Oh; Part IV. Platelet Disorders: 12. Approach to thrombocytopenia Emoeke Deschmann and Martha Sola-Visner; 13. Acquired thrombocytopenias Patricia E. Davenport and Martha Sola-Visner; 14. Fetal and neonatal alloimmune and isoimmune thrombocytopenias W. Beau Mitchell and James B. Bussel; 15. Congenital thrombocytopenias and thrombocytopathies Amy Geddis and Pedro de Alarcon; Part V. Leucocyte Disorders: 16. Eosinophils and neutrophils Kurt Schibler and Robert D. Christensen; 17. Functional phagocyte disorders in the neonate Thomas F. Michniacki and Kelly Walkovich; Part VI. Hemostatic Disorders: 18. Bleeding disorders Manuela Albisetti and Paul Monagle; 19. Neonatal thrombosis Julie Kim-Chang, James L. Wynn, Matthew A. Saxonhouse and John W. Sleasman; Part VII. Neonatal Transfusion Medicine: 20. Transfusion practices Cyril Jacquot, Yunchuan D. Mo and Naomi L. Luban; Part VIII. Neonatal Oncology: 21. Neonatal leukemia Erin M. Guest, Catherine Garnett, Irene Roberts and Alan S. Gamis; 22. Neonatal and perinatal solid tumors Kevin F. Ginn, Jaszianne A. Tolbert, Glenson Samuel, J. Allyson Hays and Alan S. Gamis; Part IX. Miscellaneous: 23. Disorders of the feto-maternal unit Eric Werner, Nancy Chescheir and Randall Fisher; 24. Reference intervals in neonatal hematology Robert D. Christensen.
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