NAFTA and Sustainable Development

NAFTA and Sustainable Development

History, Experience, and Prospects for Reform

Kong, Hoi L.; Wroth, L. Kinvin

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction. NAFTA and sustainable development L. Kinvin Wroth and Hoi L. Kong; Part I. Process - NAFTA and NAAEC: 1. Forgotten promises: neglected environmental provisions of the NAFTA and the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation Geoffrey Garver; 2. Should citizens expect procedural justice in nonadversarial processes? Spotlighting the regression of the citizen submission process from NAAEC to CAFTA-DR Giselle Davidian; 3. Choosing the right whistle: the development of the concept of environmental law under the citizen submissions process Paolo Solano; 4. Pending proceedings in the new guidelines for submissions on enforcement matters: an improved regression? Montserrat Rovalo; 5. Form over substance: procedural hurdles to the NAAEC citizen submission process Leslie Welts; Part II. Specific Environmental Issues under NAFTA and NAAEC: 6. Downward harmonization: Mexico's industrial livestock revolution Pamela Vesilind; 7. Agricultural biotechnology and NAFTA: analyzing the impacts of US and Canadian policies on Mexico's environment and agriculture Laurie Beyranevand; 8. Assessing assessments of NAFTA's marine environment: the commission for environmental cooperation meets the World Ocean Assessment Betsy Baker; 9. Sustainable development, NAFTA, and water Katia Opalka; 10. Indigenous peoples in North America: bridging the trade and environment gap to ensure sustainability under NAFTA and NAAEC Nicole Schabus; 11. Climate change, sustainable development, and NAFTA: regional policy harmonization as a basis for sustainable development Freedom-Kai Phillips; 12. The principle of public participation in NAFTA chapter 11 disputes Avidan Kent; 13. Preventing environmental deterioration from international trade and investment: how China can learn from NAFTA's experience to strengthen domestic environmental governance and ensure sustainable development Danni Liang and Jingjing Liu; Part III. Proposals for Reform and Lessons Going Forward: 14. Pathways of influence in the NAFTA regime and their implications for domestic environmental policy-making in North America Sebastien Jodoin; 15. The citizen submissions process in the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation: theory and practice in deliberative democratic institutional design for transnational institutions Hoi L. Kong; 16. Assessing ENGO influence in North American environmental politics: the double grid framework Raul Pacheco-Vega.
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