Musicology and Dance

Musicology and Dance

Historical and Critical Perspectives


Cambridge University Press







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Introduction Davinia Caddy and Maribeth Clark; Part I. Conceptual Studies: 1. J. S. Bach and the dance of humankind John Butt; 2. Dance as 'other': contrasting modes of musical representation Suzanne Aspden; 3. Thinking on our feet: a somatic enquiry into a Haydn minuet Joseph Fort; 4. Making moves in reception studies: music, listening and Loie Fuller Davinia Caddy; Part II. Case Histories: 5. The 'splendid and shameful art': dancing in and around the Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk Thomas Grey; 6. Hymnody, dance and the sacred in the illustrated song Marian Wilson Kimber; 7. Pavanes and passepieds in the age of the cancan Carlo Caballero; Part III: Critical Readings: 8. Nijinsky, modernism, repression: the Faune ballet - once again - under analysis David J. Code; 9. Choreographing Mahler songs at the centenary Wayne Heisler, Jr; 10. Embodied heritage: English country dance in Austen screen adaptations Maribeth Clark.
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