Music since 1900

Music since 1900

Boss, Jack (University of Oregon)

Cambridge University Press






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The 'prequel' to Schoenberg's Twelve-Tone Music (Cambridge, 2014), this book demonstrates that the term 'atonal' is effective in describing Schoenberg's music from 1908-21. Written for music scholars, performers and conductors, it features detailed analyses that will help them understand the core logic of some of the most difficult pieces of music.
1. Tonal oder Atonal? The complicated, contradictory nature of Schoenberg's middle-period music (Op. 11, No. 1); 2. Piano pieces Op. 11, Nos. 2 and 3: The latter movements of a remarkably progressive cycle; 3. Das Buch der hangenden Garten, Op. 15, Nos. 7 and 11: basic images in two of the earliest atonal pieces; 4. Erwartung, Op. 17: A Leitmotivic Opera and a 'cumulative setting', atomized; 5. Six little piano pieces, Op. 19 (Nos. 2, 3, and 6): musical idea and basic image in miniature; 6. Pierrot lunaire, Op. 21, Nos. 1, 14 and 21: basic image at the apex of its development; 7. Summary, and the way forward to twelve-tone music.