Music since 1900

Music since 1900

Hartenberger, Russell (University of Toronto)

Cambridge University Press






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Russell Hartenberger offers a performer's perspective on Steve Reich's compositions, from his iconic minimalist work, Drumming, to his masterpiece, Music for 18 Musicians. This study explores the performance issues encountered by musicians in Reich's original ensemble and reveals the techniques they developed to bring his compositions to life.
Foreword Steve Reich; Introduction, 1. Drumming, early days; 2. Percussion and Drumming; 3. The process of composing Drumming; 4. Drumming, Part I; 5. Drumming, Part II; 6. Drumming, Part III; 7. Drumming, Part IV; 8. Acoustics of Drumming; 9. Anatomy of a phase; 10. Performance practice in Drumming; 11. Clapping Music; 12. Music for Pieces of Wood; 13. Six Pianos; 14. Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices, and Organ; 15. Music for 18 Musicians; 16. Inside rhythm.