Music in the Twentieth Century

Music in the Twentieth Century

Straus, Joseph N. (City University of New York)

Cambridge University Press






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Twelve-tone composition has played an important role in American music from 1927 to the present day. Through close readings of many twelve-tone works, including pieces by Copland, Babbitt, and Carter, this book places twelve-tone music in a larger theoretical and historical context, and strips away the many myths surrounding it.
Introduction; Part I. Thirty-Seven Ways to Write a Twelve-Tone Serial Piece: 1. 'Ultra-modern' composers; 2. European immigrants; 3. Postwar pioneers; 4. An older generation (composers born before 1920); 5. Some serial neoclassicists, tonalists, jazzers, and minimalists; 6. A middle generation (composers born 1920-40); 7. A younger generation (composers born after 1940); Part II. American Twelve-Tone Serialism in Context: 8. The composition of twelve-tone music in America; 9. The history of twelve-tone music in America; 10. The reception of twelve-tone music in America; 11. Conclusion.
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