Music in Context

Music in Context

Hatter, Jane D. (University of Utah)

Cambridge University Press






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Self-referential music illuminates connections between musicians and reveals similarities between their networks and those of other professionals, especially visual artists. This book will appeal to readers interested in the music and culture of the late medieval and early modern eras - musicians, musicologists, and historians of art and culture.
Introduction; Part I. Music about Musicians: 1. Paintings about painters to music about musicians; 2. Miserere Supplicanti Du Fay: building community through musical devotions at Cambrai Cathedral; 3. Ora Pro Nobis: forms of self-reference in musical prayers for musicians; 4. Plorer, Gemir, Crier: musical mourning and the composer; Part II. Music about Music: 5. Paintings about painting and music about music-making; 6. Simple lessons? Music theory as emblem of composition; 7. Constructing the composer: symbolic use of the hexachord in compositions c.1500; 8. Conclusion.
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