Music in Context

Music in Context

Grimes, Nicole (University of California, Irvine)

Cambridge University Press






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Exploring the philosophical dimensions of Brahms's music, this book analyzes his elegiac works and their relationship to German literature. Of interest to musicology, German studies and cultural history scholars, it illuminates how Brahms's music relates to aesthetics and modernity from Hoelderlin, Schiller, and Goethe to the Frankfurt School.
Introduction; 1. Brahms's ascending circle: Hoelderlin and Schicksalslied; 2. The ennoblement of mourning: Nanie and the death of beauty; 3. A disembodied head for mythic justice: Gesang der Parzen; 4. The last great cultural harvest: Nietzsche and the Vier ernste Gesange; 5. The sense of an ending: music's return to the land of childhood; Epilogue.