Olivier Messiaen's Catalogue d'oiseaux

Olivier Messiaen's Catalogue d'oiseaux

From Conception to Performance

Chadwick, Roderick (Royal Academy of Music, London); Hill, Peter (University of Sheffield)

Cambridge University Press






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This book assembles a rounded picture of one of the longest and most important piano works of the twentieth century, including historical evaluation, analysis and performance studies. Accessibly written and containing unique insights into Messiaen's methods, this book will appeal to a range of readers including students, musicologists and pianists.
1. Introduction; 2. Birdsong and the genesis of Catalogue d'oiseaux; 3. Beyond the birdsong of Catalogue d'oiseaux; 4. The first wave of composition; 5. The second wave of composition; 6. Performance; 7. Postlude.
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