Music and Victorian Liberalism

Music and Victorian Liberalism

Composing the Liberal Subject

Collins, Sarah (University of Western Australia, Perth)

Cambridge University Press






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Presents a new perspective on the aesthetic aspects of liberalism through examinations of music and ideas about music, including listening practices, performance contexts and modes of embodiment across elite and amateur spheres. This book will nuance current understanding, and will appeal to scholars of both Victorian literature and music.
1. Aesthetic liberalism Sarah Collins; Part I. Cultivation and/as Control: 2. Musical discipline and Victorian liberal reform Erin Johnson-Williams; 3. 'Brightening the lives of the people on Sunday': the National Sunday League and liberal attitudes towards concert promotion in Victorian Britain Simon McVeigh; 4. Music and mass education: cultivation or control? Rosemary Golding; Part II. Dissent, Individualism and Agency: 5. A musical presence among liberal thinkers: Eliza Flower and her circle, 1832-1845 Kate Bowan; 6. 'That more liberal mode of life': Rosa Newmarch, aestheticism, and queer listening in Victorian and Edwardian Britain Phillip Ross Bullock; Part III. Character and Emotion: 7. Style, character and revelation in Parry's Fourth Symphony Matthew Riley; 8. The Parrys and Prometheus Unbound: actualizing liberalism Phyllis Weliver; 9. Liberalism and Victorian musical sympathy Bennett Zon; 10. Music and character in the Victorian reception of Wagner: conducting the Philharmonic ca. 1855 Katherine Fry; 11. Afterword: liberalism in the round Peter Mandler.
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