Music and Victorian Liberalism

Music and Victorian Liberalism

Composing the Liberal Subject

Collins, Sarah

Cambridge University Press






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1. Aesthetic liberalism Sarah Collins; Part I. Cultivation and/as Control: 2. Musical discipline and Victorian liberal reform Erin Johnson-Williams; 3. 'Brightening the lives of the people on Sunday': the National Sunday League and liberal attitudes towards concert promotion in Victorian Britain Simon McVeigh; 4. Music and mass education: cultivation or control? Rosemary Golding; Part II. Dissent, Individualism and Agency: 5. A musical presence among liberal thinkers: Eliza Flower and her circle, 1832-1845 Kate Bowan; 6. 'That more liberal mode of life': Rosa Newmarch, aestheticism, and queer listening in Victorian and Edwardian Britain Phillip Ross Bullock; Part III. Character and Emotion: 7. Style, character and revelation in Parry's Fourth Symphony Matthew Riley; 8. The Parrys and Prometheus Unbound: actualizing liberalism Phyllis Weliver; 9. Liberalism and Victorian musical sympathy Bennett Zon; 10. Music and character in the Victorian reception of Wagner: conducting the Philharmonic ca. 1855 Katherine Fry; 11. Afterword: liberalism in the round Peter Mandler.
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