Murder in Renaissance Italy

Murder in Renaissance Italy

Lowe, K. J. P.; Dean, Trevor

Cambridge University Press






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Introducing Renaissance killers Trevor Dean and K. J. P. Lowe; Part I. Domestic Murder: 1. The first murder: the representation of Cain and Abel in Bologna, Florence and Bergamo Scott Nethersole; 2. Knives and poisons: stereotypes of male vendetta and female perfidy in late Medieval Sicily, 1293-1460 Henri Bresc; 3. A daughter-killing digested, and accepted (Sabine district of Rome, 1563 to 1566) Thomas V. Cohen; Part II: Ordinary Murder: 4. Eight varieties of homicide: Bologna in the 1340s and 1440s Trevor Dean; 5. Homicide in a culture of hatred: Bologna, 1352-1420 Sarah Rubin Blanshei; Part III. Sensational Murder: 6. Truths and lies of a renaissance murder: Duke Alessandro de' Medici's death between history, narrative and memory Stefano Dall'Aglio; 7. 'O Facinus Inauditum' (O horrendous crime): anthropophagy in Renaissance Milan Silvio Leydi; 8. Murder ballads: singing, hearing, writing and reading about murder in Renaissance Italy Rosa Salzberg and Massimo Rospocher; Part IV. Unclassifiable Murder: 9. Redrawing the line between murder and suicide in Renaissance Italy K. J. P. Lowe; 10. Violent conflicts and murder involving Jews in Renaissance Italy Anna Esposito; 11. Poison and poisoning in Renaissance Italy Alessandro Pastore; Part V. Professional Murder: 12. Mass murder in sacks during the Italian wars, 1494-1559 Stephen Bowd; 13. Legal homicide: the death penalty in the Italian Renaissance Enrica Guerra; 14. Butchers as murderers in Renaissance Italy C. D. Dickerson, III.
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