Multiple Scattering of Light by Particles

Multiple Scattering of Light by Particles

Radiative Transfer and Coherent Backscattering

Lacis, Andrew A.; Travis, Larry D.; Mishchenko, Michael I.

Cambridge University Press






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This monograph on multiple scattering of light by small particles is an ideal resource for science professionals, engineers, and graduate students.
1. Introduction; 2. Maxwell's equations, electromagnetic waves, and Stokes parameters; 3. Basic theory of electromagnetic scattering; 4. Scattering by a fixed multi-particle group; 5. Statistical averaging; 6. Scattering by a single random particle; 7. Single scattering by a small random particle group; 8. Radiative transfer equation; 9. Calculations and measurements of single-particle characteristics; 10. Radiative transfer in plane-parallel scattering media; 11. Macroscopically isotropic and mirror-symmetric scattering media; 12. Radiative transfer in plane-parallel, microscopically isotropic and mirror-symmetric scattering media; 13. Illustrative applications of radiative transfer theory; 14. Coherent backscattering.
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