Multiple Scattering of Light by Particles

Multiple Scattering of Light by Particles

Radiative Transfer and Coherent Backscattering

Mishchenko, Michael I.; Lacis, Andrew A.; Travis, Larry D.

Cambridge University Press






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A thorough treatment of the multiple scattering of light and other electromagnetic radiation in media composed of randomly and sparsely positioned particles, for science professionals, engineers, and graduate students. It systematically and consistently presents radiative transfer theory as a branch of classical macroscopic electromagnetics.
1. Introduction; 2. Maxwell's equations, electromagnetic waves, and Stokes parameters; 3. Basic theory of electromagnetic scattering; 4. Scattering by a fixed multi-particle group; 5. Statistical averaging; 6. Scattering by a single random particle; 7. Single scattering by a small random particle group; 8. Radiative transfer equation; 9. Calculations and measurements of single-particle characteristics; 10. Radiative transfer in plane-parallel scattering media; 11. Macroscopically isotropic and mirror-symmetric scattering media; 12. Radiative transfer in plane-parallel, microscopically isotropic and mirror-symmetric scattering media; 13. Illustrative applications of radiative transfer theory; 14. Coherent backscattering.
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