Multilingualism and Identity

Multilingualism and Identity

Interdisciplinary Perspectives


Cambridge University Press






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1. Towards interdisciplinarity in multilingual identity research: Differing perspectives and common ground Wendy Ayres-Bennett and Linda Fisher; Part I. Situated Multilingualism and Identity: 2. 'Every line is a lie': The geographical and cognitive mapping of multilingualism and identity John E. Joseph; 3. Beyond 'narrating the nation': Cultural producers and multilingualism in wartime Ukraine Rory Finnin and Ivan Kozachenko; 4. Metrolingual practices and distributed identities: People, places, things and languages Alastair Pennycook and Emi Otsuji; 5. Migrants' identities in multilingual cities: Plurilingualism as transformative social asset Cecile Sabatier Bullock; 6. Indexicalities in the multilingual city: Listeners' perceptions of urban vernacular French Janice Carruthers and Daniel McAuley; 7. Multilingualism and identity in Ningbo, China: A case study Hui Zhao; Part II. Multilingual Identity Practices: 8. Decolonizing languages in rural settings: Towards equatorial epistemologies Alison Phipps; 9. Seeking methodological rigour in language and identity research: Applying a version of positioning theory to a research interview excerpt David Block; 10. Translation, identity and translanguaging: Perspectives from a global literacy initiative Liam Doherty, Bonny Norton and Espen Stranger-Johannessen; 11. The complexity of identities: Insights from EMI educators' multilingual identities Sarah Mercer and Kyle Read Talbot; 12. Narrating heterogeneous identities in multilingual communities Sabina Perrino and Stanton Wortham; Part III. Multilingual Identity And Investment: 13. Multilingualism(s), globalization, and identity: Learning 'Chinese' as an additional language Patricia A. Duff; 14. Who are the multilinguals?: Pupils' definitions, self-perceptions and the public debate Asta Haukas; 15. Multilingual identity construction through participative reflective practice in the languages classroom Angela Gayton and Linda Fisher; 16. Young children's language attitudes with implications for identity in a US dual-language immersion classroom Alison L. Bailey; 17. Language, identity and empowerment in endangered language contexts: Maori and guernesiais Julia Sallabank and Jeanette King; 18. Afterword: The complementarity of multilingualist and 4T approaches John E. Joseph.
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