More Examples, Less Theory

More Examples, Less Theory

Historical Studies of Writing Psychology

Billig, Michael (Loughborough University)

Cambridge University Press






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This easy-to-read book contains studies of key psychologists from the past, throwing new light on Freud, William James, Kurt Lewin and others. Written for psychologists, social scientists and students, Michael Billig uses the past to argue for the continuing importance of examples and the comparative unimportance of theory.
1. Introduction; 2. Locke and Shaftesbury: foster father and foster son; 3. Tucker and James: in the same stream of thought; 4. Freud: writing to reveal and conceal himself; 5. Lacan: an ego in pursuit of the ego; 6. Lewin: is there nothing as practical as a good example?; 7. Tajfel and Bernstein: the limits of theory; 8. Jahoda: the ultimate example; 9. Concluding remarks.
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