More Auspicious Shores

More Auspicious Shores

Barbadian Migration to Liberia, Blackness, and the Making of an African Republic

Banton, Caree A.

Cambridge University Press






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List of maps and figures; Preface; List of abbreviations; Introduction: 'who is this man and from whence comes he to rule?'; Part I. Caribbean Emancipation: 1. Not free indeed; 2. African civilization and the West Indian avant-garde; 3. The Liberian president visits Barbados to trade visions of freedom; Part II. The Middle Passage: 4. Middle passage baggage; Part III. African Liberation: 5. Barbadians arrival and social integration in Liberia; 6. Making citizenship and blackness in Liberia; 7. A changing of the guards: Arthur Barclay and Barbadian Liberia political leadership; Epilogue; Bibliography; Index.
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