Mobilising International Law for 'Global Justice'

Mobilising International Law for 'Global Justice'

Handmaker, Jeff; Arts, Karin

Cambridge University Press






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1. Mobilising international law as an instrument of global justice Jeff Handmaker and Karin Arts; 2. Speaking the language of international law and politics: or, of ducks, rabbits, and then some Martti Koskenniemi; 3. The globalisation of justice: amplifying and silencing voices at the ICC Sarah Nouwen and Warner ten Kate; 4. Justice through direct action: the case of the Gaza 'Freedom Flotilla' Claudia Saba; 5. The Hague Conventions: giving effect to human rights through instruments of private international law Maja Groff; 6. Current developments in the fight against corruption Abiola Makinwa; 7. A fatal attraction? The UN Security Council and the relationship between R2P and the International Criminal Court Mark Kersten; 8. A return to stability? Hegemonic and counter-hegemonic positions in the debate on universal jurisdiction in absentia Aisling O'Sullivan; 9. The domestic politics of international children's rights: a Dutch perspective Jasper Krommendijk; 10. Human rights cities: the politics of bringing human rights home to the local level Barbara Oomen; 11. Taking seriously the politics of international law Jeff Handmaker and Karin Arts.
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