Mixed Methods

Mixed Methods

Interviews, Surveys, and Cross-Cultural Comparisons

Schrauf, Robert W. (Pennsylvania State University)

Cambridge University Press






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This book is intended for social scientists and graduate students in social science disciplines who conduct mixed methods, cross-cultural research. The book develops, explains, and illustrates both theory and methods to analyse and integrate qualitative and quantitative data collected from multiple groups in multiple languages and to make principled cross-cultural comparisons.
Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Mixed methods cross-cultural research and discourse; 2. Four empirical mixed methods cross-cultural comparisons; 3. Language and the interactional emergence of cultural meanings; 4. From interactional events to transcripts and spreadsheets; 5. Language(s), translation(s), and bilingual(s); 6. Worked example: cultivating cultural and linguistic insight in the Alzheimer's beliefs study; 7. Cross-cultural survey response and the sociocultural field; 8. Worked example: the cross-cultural survey in the Alzheimer's beliefs study; 9. Cross-cultural interviews: 'doing' culture in discursive interaction; 10. Worked example: interactional interviews in the Alzheimer's beliefs study; 11. Mixed methods cross-cultural comparison: a discourse-centered framework; References; Index.
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