Mixed Methods

Mixed Methods

Interviews, Surveys, and Cross-Cultural Comparisons

Schrauf, Robert W. (Pennsylvania State University)

Cambridge University Press






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A hands-on guide to making cross-cultural comparisons by integrating data from qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys collected in multiple languages.
Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Mixed methods cross-cultural research and discourse; 2. Four empirical mixed methods cross-cultural comparisons; 3. Language and the interactional emergence of cultural meanings; 4. From interactional events to transcripts and spreadsheets; 5. Language(s), translation(s), and bilingual(s); 6. Worked example: cultivating cultural and linguistic insight in the Alzheimer's beliefs study; 7. Cross-cultural survey response and the sociocultural field; 8. Worked example: the cross-cultural survey in the Alzheimer's beliefs study; 9. Cross-cultural interviews: 'doing' culture in discursive interaction; 10. Worked example: interactional interviews in the Alzheimer's beliefs study; 11. Mixed methods cross-cultural comparison: a discourse-centered framework; References; Index.
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