Ming China and Vietnam

Ming China and Vietnam

Negotiating Borders in Early Modern Asia

Baldanza, Kathlene (Pennsylvania State University)

Cambridge University Press






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Traditional studies of Sino-Viet relations focused on outmoded debates about Chinese aggression and Vietnamese resistance. In reality, their shared heritage led to surprising alliances and connections, and spurred internal debates. Kathlene Baldanza examines seven linked biographies of Chinese and Vietnamese border-crossers whose lives illustrate the entangled histories of those countries.
Introduction: the power of names; Part I. Southern Scholars in the North: 1. A brief history of Annan; 2. A record of the dreams of an old southerner; 3. The northern emperor and the southern emperor; Part II. Officials in the Borderlands: 4. An official at odds with the state; 5. The fearsome panther; Part III. The Return of the Le Dynasty: 6. Ruler and minister; 7. The sparrow and the bamboo; Conclusion: Dai Viet in the Ming-Qing transition; Bibliography; Index.
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