Migration in the Mediterranean

Migration in the Mediterranean

Mechanisms of International Cooperation


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Part I. Multilevel Cooperation in the Mediterranean: 1. Conceptualising a migrant's rights-based EuroMed cooperation: political, legal and judicial rationale Francesca Ippolito; 2. EuroMed, migration, and frenemy-ship: pretending to deepen cooperation across the Mediterranean Elena Basheska and Dimitry Kochenov; 3. The League of Arab States and the protection of migrants Mervat Rashmawi and Janeen Rishmawi; 4. The roles of the African Union and its Member States in managing migration across the Mediterranean Martin Welz; 5. Expanding protection space in Libya and Tunisia after the 'Arab Spring': reflections on UNHCR's evolving role in mixed migration Elizabeth Eyster and Emanuela Paoletti; 6. Strengthening the cooperation between IOM and the EU in the field of migration Julinda Bequiraj; Part II. Managing Regular and Irregular Migration in the Mediterranean: 7. Euro-Mediterranean labour migration: a mutually beneficial partnership? Anja Wiesbrock; 8. Regulating migration and asylum in the Maghreb: which inspiration for an accelerated legal development? Delphine Perrin; 9. The EU external border policy: managing irregular migration to Europe Seline Trevisanut; 10. The EU and the obligation of non-refoulement at sea Efthymios Papastavridis; 11. Obligation to readmit? The relationship between interstate and EU readmission agreements Maria Giulia Giuffre; 12. The cooperative mechanism established by the migrant smuggling protocol to the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime Patricia Mallia.
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