Mexican Multinationals

Mexican Multinationals

Building Multinationals in Emerging Markets

Montoya, Miguel A.; Cuervo-Cazurra, Alvaro (Northeastern University, Boston)

Cambridge University Press






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A guide for executives, consultants, researchers, and students to a better understanding of the actions taken by firms from mid-sized emerging markets to upgrade their capabilities and become successful multinationals. The insights are based on forty-one detailed comparative case studies of Mexican multinationals written by local industry experts.
1. Introduction Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra; 2. Overview Miguel A. Montoya and Jorge Alcaraz; 3. Agriculture industry: SuKarne and Bachoco Miguel A. Lopez and Joan Llonch-Andreu; 4. Mining industry: Grupo Mexico and Industrias Penoles Arturo Bernal and Isai Guizar; 5. Petroleum industry: Pemex Leticia Armenta-Fraire and Hugo Javier Fuentes-Castro; 6. Steel industry: Altos Hornos de Mexico and Industrias CH Jorge Alcaraz; 7. Food industry: Bimbo and Gruma Jorge E. Gomez and Miguel A. Lopez; 8. Beer industry: Grupo Modelo and Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma Edgar Rogelio Ramirez-Solis and Veronica Ilian Banos-Monroy; 9. Footwear: Flexi and Andrea Francisco J. Valderrey and Adriana Sanchez; 10. Cement industry: CEMEX and Chihuahua Cement Group Mario Adrian Flores-Castro and Lucia Rodriguez-Aceves; 11. Ceramic tile industry: Lamosa and Interceramic Daniel Lemus-Delgado; 12. Container and packaging industry: Vitro and Envases Universales Jose F. Moreno; 13. Automotive components: Metalsa and Nemak Laura Zapata and Andreas M. Hartmann; 14. Domestic appliance sector: MABE and MAN industries Hugo Javier Fuentes-Castro and Leticia Armenta-Fraire; 15. Retail industry: Elektra and Coppel Miguel A. Montoya, Maria E. Vazquez and Miguel A. Lopez; 16. Restaurant industry: El Pollo Loco and Alsea Edgar Muniz-Avila, Lucia Rodriguez-Aceves and Jose Manuel Saiz-Alvarez; 17. The hospitality industry: Hoteles City Express and Grupo Posadas Eileen Daspro and Raul Montalvo; 18. Entertainment industry: KidZania and Cinepolis Raul Montalvo and Eileen Daspro; 19. Television industry: Televisa and TV Azteca Xiomara Vazquez-Guillen and Mauricio Ramirez-Grajeda; 20. Information technology: BINBIT and SOFTTEK Mauricio Cervantes-Zepeda; 21. Telecommunication industry: AmericaMovil and Iusacell Xiomara Vazquez-Guillen and Mauricio Ramirez-Grajeda; 22. Professional consultancy services: Sintec and Feher & Feher Lucia Rodriguez-Aceves and Angel Rivera; 23. Higher education: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and Tecnologico de Monterrey Olivia Hernandez-Pozas and Daniel Carrasco-Brihuega; 24. Conclusions Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra.
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