Memory and the English Reformation

Memory and the English Reformation

Law, Ceri; Walsham, Alexandra; Cummings, Brian; Wallace, Bronwyn

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction. Memory and the English reformation Alexandra Walsham, Brian Cummings and Ceri Law; Part I. Events and Temporalities: 1. Nailing the reformation: Luther and the Wittenberg door in English historical memory Peter Marshall; 2. Remembering the dissolution of the monasteries: events, chronology, and memory in Charles Wriothesley's chronicle Harriet Lyon; 3. Remembering the past at the end of time Adam Morton; 4. Henry VIII's ghost in Cromwellian England Christopher Highley; 5. Remembering Mary, contesting reform: the English sonnets of the litany of Loreto Susannah Monta; 6. Converting the cross: monuments, memory, and time in post-reformation England Alexandra Walsham; Part II. Objects and Places: 7. Dolls and idols in the English reformation Joe Moshenska; 8. Monuments and the reformation Peter Sherlock; 9. Memorable motifs: the role of 'synoptic' imagery in remembering the English reformation Tara Hamling; 10. Revitalizing antiquities: sacred silver and its afterlives in post-reformation England Tessa Murdoch; 11. Re-reading ruins: Edmund Spenser and Scottish Presbyterianism Stewart Mottram; 12. 'Monuments of our indignation': John Milton and the reception of Reformation iconoclasm in the seventeenth century Philip Schwyzer; Part III. Lives and Afterlives: 13. Compromise refashioned: memory and life-writing in Matthew parker's roll Ceri Law; 14. Heresy, history, and Henry V Susan Royal; 15. The letters of the martyrs: remembering and reclaiming the apostolic form Johanna Harris; 16. Competing lives and contested objects: Thomas More's hair-shirt and the production of memory Victoria van Hyning; 17. Visual memory, portraiture and the Protestant credentials of Tudor and Stuart families Tarnya Cooper; 18. Legends, shrines, and ruined tombs: memory and Reformation in female-voiced complaint Cathy Shrank; Part IV. Rituals and Bodies: 19. The wounded missal: iconoclasm, ritual and memory in Reformation Yorkshire Brian Cummings; 20. Gesture, meaning and memory in the English Reformation Arnold Hunt; 21. Believers' baptism, commemoration, and communal identity in revolutionary England Rachel Adcock; 22. Making memories in post-Reformation English catholic musical miscellanies Emilie Murphy; 23. The liturgical commemoration of the English Reformation, 1534-1625 Alec Ryrie; Index.
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memory; Reformation; forgetting; remembering; time; place; material culture; ritual; afterlives; liturgy