Medieval Self-Coronations

Medieval Self-Coronations

The History and Symbolism of a Ritual

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; 1. Self-coronation as ritual; I. Heritage; 2. Consecration without mediation in antiquity; 3. The hand of God; 4. Symbolic self-coronations in Byzantium; 5. The sacralisation of Carolingian accessions; 6. Anglo-Saxon and Ottonian christocentrism; II. Infamy; 7. Roger II of Sicily: Imagining self-coronation; 8. Frederick II of Germany: desacralising rituals; III. Convention; 9. Alfonso XI of Castile: From self-knighting to self-crowning; 10. Peter IV of Aragon's self-coronation: A conventionalization program; 11. Charles III of Navarra: juridical implications of self-coronations; 12. Early modern dramatization: the road to Napoleon; Conclusion.
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