Medieval Meteorology

Medieval Meteorology

Forecasting the Weather from Aristotle to the Almanac

Lawrence-Mathers, Anne (University of Reading)

Cambridge University Press






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The practice of weather forecasting underwent a crucial transformation in the Middle Ages. Exploring how meteorology spread and flourished from c.700-c.1600, this study reveals these dramatic changes in forecasting and how scientifically-based weather forecasting was introduced to Western Europe in the twelfth century.
Preface; Introduction; 1. Re-creating meteorology in the early Middle Ages: Isidore and Bede; 2. Meteorology, weather forecasting and the early-medieval Renaissance of astronomy; 3. Exploratory encounters with the work of Arab astronomers and meteorologists; 4. Meteorology, the new science of the stars, and the rise of weather forecasting; 5. The contested rise of astro-meteorology; 6. Applying the science of astro-meteorology; 7. Astro-meteorology and mechanisation; 8. Weather forecasting and the impact of print; Conclusion.
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