Media Politics in China

Media Politics in China

Improvising Power under Authoritarianism

Repnikova, Maria (Georgia State University)

Cambridge University Press






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Maria Repnikova examines the web of media politics in China, demonstrating how a media oversight role works in the improbable context of a one-party state. Through an analysis of the uneasy partnership between critical journalists and the state, this book provides fresh empirical and theoretical insights into Chinese politics, comparative authoritarianism and global communication.
Part I. Conceptual Frameworks: 1. Introduction; 2. Payoffs; Part II. Mutual Objectives and Routine Dynamics: 3. Unified objectives: the official discourse and journalistic interpretation of media supervision; 4. Restrictions on critical journalism: how they are applied and negotiated; Part III. Crisis Events: 5. Critical journalists, the party-state and the Wenchuan earthquake; 6. The battle over coal-mining safety; Part IV. Comparisons: 7. Beyond China: critical journalists and the state under Gorbachev and Putin; 8. From Hu to Xi.
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