Self-Defence against Non-State Actors: Volume 1

Self-Defence against Non-State Actors: Volume 1

Tladi, Dire (University of Pretoria); O'Connell, Mary Ellen (University of Notre Dame, Indiana); Tams, Christian J. (University of Glasgow)

Cambridge University Press






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This book provides an in-depth and up-to-date study of the international law on self-defence against non-State actors. The 'trialogical' method employs a novel and unique format that reacts to shifting world order. The book is relevant for academics and students of international law, and for practitioners.
Introduction to the series: trialogical international law Anne Peters; Introduction: dilution of self-defence and its discontents Anne Peters and Christian Marxsen; 1. The use of force in self-defence against non-state actors, decline of collective security and the rise of unilateralism: whither international law? Dire Tladi; 2. Self-defence against non-state actors: making sense of the 'armed attack' requirement Christian J. Tams; 3. Self-defence, pernicious doctrines, peremptory norms Mary Ellen O'Connell; Conclusion: self-defence against non-state actors - the way ahead Christian Marxsen and Anne Peters.
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