Mathematical Commentaries in the Ancient World

Mathematical Commentaries in the Ancient World

A Global Perspective


Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction: Why study mathematical commentaries? Karine Chemla and Glenn W. Most; Commentators at Work: 2. Philosophical commentaries on mathematical texts: The case of Proclus' commentary on the first book of Euclid's Elements Orna Harari; 3. Characterizing a Sanskrit mathematical commentary: An exploration of Prthudaka's Vasanabhasya on progressions Agathe Keller; 4. Calling out Zheng Xuan (127-200 CE) at the crossroads of ritual, mathematics, sport, and classical commentary Daniel Patrick Morgan; Comparing Commentaries: 5. Astral commentaries within the Mesopotamian received tradition: The Commentary to Enuma Anu Enlil 14 and Summa Sin ina Tamartisu Zackary Wainer and John Steele; 6. Contrasting commentaries and contrasting subcommentaries on mathematical and Confucian canons. Intentions and mathematical practices Karine Chemla and Zhu Yiwen.
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