Marijuana and Madness

Marijuana and Madness

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Foreword; Preface; Part I. Pharmacology of Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid System: 1. The cannabinoid system from the point of view of a chemist Raphael Mechoulam and Lumir Hanus; 2. The function of the endocannabinoid system Roger Pertwee; 3. How cannabis works in the brain Leslie Iversen; Part II. The Changing Face of Cannabis: 4. The epidemiology of cannabis use: an international perspective Sandeep Chawla; 5. Is cannabis becoming more potent? Mahmoud ElSohly and David Potter; 6. Health policy and cannabis Wayne Hall and Louisa Degenhardt; Part III. Cannabis and the Brain: 7. Cannabis, endocannabinoids and neurodevelopment Ismael Galve-Roperh; 8. The impact of pubertal exposure to cannabis on the brain: a focus on animal studies Miriam Schneider; 9. Cannabis and cognition: short and long-term effects Nadia Solowij; 10. Does cannabis cause lasting brain damage? Nadia Solowij, Murat Yucel, Valentina Lorenzetti and Dan Lubman; Part IV. Cannabis, Anxiety and Mood: 11. Acute and subacute psychiatric effects of cannabis David Castle and Nadia Solowij; 12. The association between cannabis use and depression Louisa Degenhardt, Wayne Hall, Michael Lynskey, Carolyn Coffey and George Patton; 13. Cannabis and bipolar disorder Carol Silberberg and David Castle; Part V. Cannabis and Psychosis: 14. Cannabis and psychosis proneness Jim van Os, Helene Verdoux and David Castle; 15. Genetic factors that moderate the psychomimetic effects of cannabis Marta Di Forti, Robin M. Murray and Cecile Henquet; 16. Cannabis causes positive, negative, cognitive symptoms and produces impairments in electrophysiological indices of information processing Mohini Ranganathan, Andrew Sewell, Daniel Mathalon and Deepak Cyril D'Souza; 17. The neural basis for the acute effects of cannabis on learning and psychosis Sagnik Bhattacharrya and Phil McGuire; Part VI. Cannabinoids and Schizophrenia: Aetiopathology and Treatment Implications: 18. Does cannabis cause schizophrenia? Stan Zammit, Mary Cannon and Robin M. Murray; 19. Postmortem studies of the brain cannabinoid system in schizophrenia Suresh Sundram, Brian Dean and David Copolov; 20. The endogenous cannabinoid system in schizophrenia Paul Morrison; 21. The endocannabinoid system as a target for pharmacotherapy of schizophrenia Markus Leweke; Part VII. Cannabis and its Impact on Schizophrenia: 22. Acute effects of cannabis in established schizophrenia Cecile Henquet and Deepak Cyril D'Souza; 23. Cannabis and the long-term course of schizophrenia Don Liszen, Bart Peters and Lieuwe De Haan; 24. Motives that maintain cannabis use in schizophrenia Kim Meuser; 25. Treatment interventions for cannabis abuse in people with psychosis Wynne James and David Castle; Part VIII. Integration: 26. Cannabis and mental illness: an integration Deepak Cyril D'Souza, Robin M. Murray and David Castle; Index.
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