Management across Cultures

Management across Cultures

Challenges, Strategies, and Skills

Osland, Joyce S. (San Jose State University, California); Steers, Richard M. (University of Oregon)

Cambridge University Press






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This fourth edition has been revised and updated to explore the latest approaches to cross-cultural management, presenting strategies and skill-building for managing international assignments and global teams. Suitable for students taking courses on international management, cross-cultural management and HRM, as well as executive training programmes.
Part I. Global Managers: Challenges and Opportunities: 1. Global managers in a changing world; Part II. Culture, Organization, and Management: 2. Cultural environments; 3. Organizational environments; 4. Managerial environments; Part III. Developing Global Management Skills: 5. Cross-cultural communication; 6. Global leadership; 7. Managerial ethics and social responsibility; 8. Global partnerships and negotiations; 9. Global teams; 10. Global assignments; 11. Lessons learned: a review; Appendix: details of national culture models; Index.
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