Music since 1900

Music since 1900

Nielinger-Vakil, Carola

Cambridge University Press






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The anti-fascist cantata Il canto sospeso, the string-quartet Fragmente - Stille, an Diotima and the 'Tragedy of Listening' Prometeo cemented Luigi Nono's place in music history. In this study, Nielinger-Vakil examines these three major works in the context of related works and the diverging circumstances in Italy and Germany after 1945.
Preface and acknowledgements; Part I. Music and Memory: 1. Political and musical premises; 2. Il canto sospeso (1955-6); 3. Towards spatial composition; 4. Music to Die Ermittlung by Peter Weiss (1965); Part II. Music as Memory: 5. Towards other shores; 6. Fragmente - Stille, an Diotima (1979-80); 7. Prometeo. Tragedia dell'ascolto (1975-85).
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