Franz Kafka in Context

Franz Kafka in Context

Duttlinger, Carolin (University of Oxford)

Cambridge University Press






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This innovative book places Kafka's work in its many varied contexts. Accessible essays by leading Kafka scholars discuss his texts from new and often unexpected angles. They include his relation to Czech literature, modern culture, the role of Prague in the First World War, and friendship, illness and sexuality.
Part I. Life and Work: 1. Family Anthony Northey; 2. Friendship Claudia Nitschke; 3. Women Elizabeth Boa; 4. Work Benno Wagner; 5. Health and illness Johannes Turk; 6. Writing Manfred Engel; 7. Style Ritchie Robertson; Part II. Art and Literature: 8. Literary modernism Judith Ryan; 9. Kafka's reading Ritchie Robertson; 10. Gesture Lucia Ruprecht; 11. Performance and recitation Lothar Muller; 12. Film Silke Horstkotte; 13. Photography J. J. Long; 14. Music Thomas Martinec; 15. Architecture Roger Thiel; Part III. Politics, Culture, History: 16. Prague: history and culture Marek Nekula; 17. Czech language and literature Peter Zusi; 18. The First World War Mark Cornwall; 19. Travel, colonialism and exoticism Matthias Zach; 20. Law Theodore Ziolkowski; 21. Philosophy Ben Morgan; 22. Religion Daniel Weidner; 23. Judaism and Zionism Katja Garloff; 24. Psychology and psychoanalysis Carolin Duttlinger; 25. Gender and sexuality Mark M. Anderson; 26. The city Andrew J. Webber; 27. Childhood, pedagogy and education Katharina Laszlo; 28. Ethnography and anthropology Nicola Gess; Part IV. Reception and Influence: 29. Early critical reception Ruth V. Gross; 30. Critical theory Anthony Phelan; 31. Deconstruction Stanley Corngold; 32. Reading Kafka Emily Troscianko; 33. Editions Clayton Koelb; 34. Translation Mark Harman; 35. Film adaptations Dora Osborne.
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