Literature and Medicine: Volume 1

Literature and Medicine: Volume 1

The Eighteenth Century


Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: Literature and medicine in the long eighteenth century Clark Lawlor; Part I. Literary Modes: 1. 'Mere Flesh and Blood': Poetry, Genre and Disease Clark Lawlor; 2. Jane Barker, medical discourse, and the origins of the novel Heather Meek; 3. Imaginary invalids: The symptom and the stage from the restoration to the romantics Roberta Barker; Part II. Psyche and Soma: 4. Mental illness: Locking and unlocking the stereotypes Allan Ingram; 5. From Hypo to Bile: The rise and progress of biliousness in the long eighteenth century Hisao Ishizuka; 6. Metaphors of infectious disease in eighteenth-century literature: Complex comparatives in Daniel Defoe's 'A Journal of the Plague Year' (1722) Noelle Duckmann-Gallagher; 7. Only connect: Romantic nerves, pleasure, aesthetics and sexuality Richard C. Sha; Part III. Professional Identity and Culture: 8. Physician-authors, predisciplinarity and predatory writing: John Polidori Michelle Faubert; 9. 'The Compleat, Common Form': Disability and the literature of the British enlightenment Chris Gabbard; 10. Anatomy and interiority: Medicine, politics and identity in the long eighteenth century Corinna Wagner.
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