Literary Theory and Criticism in the Later Middle Ages

Literary Theory and Criticism in the Later Middle Ages

Interpretation, Invention, Imagination

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The career and contribution of Alastair Minnis Vincent Gillespie; Introduction: criticism, theory and the medieval text Andrew Kraebel; 1. Access through accessus: gateways to learning in a manuscript of school texts Marjorie Curry Woods; 2. Scholastic theory and vernacular knowledge Jocelyn Wogan-Browne; 3. Poetics and biblical hermeneutics in the thirteenth century Gilbert Dahan; 4. Robert holcot and De vetula: beyond Smalley's assessment Ralph Hanna; 5. The inspired commentator: theories of interpretive authority in the writings of Richard rolle Andrew Kraebel; 6. Guitar lessons at blackfriars: Vernacular Medicine and Preachers' Style in Henry Daniel's Liber uricrisiarum Joe Stadolnik; 7. The re-cognition of doctrinal discourse and scholastic literary theory: affordances of ordinatio in Reginald Pecock's Donet and reule of Crysten religioun Ian Johnson; 8. Arts of love and justice: property, women and golden age politics in Le Roman de la Rose Jessica Rosenfeld; 9. The many sides of personification: Rhetorical Theory and Piers Plowman Nicolette Zeeman; 10. Encountering vision: dislocation, disquiet, perplexity in bonaventure, The Squire's Tale and Pearl Mary Carruthers; 11. George Colvile's translation of the consolation of philosophy Ian Cornelius; 12. When did the emotions become political? Medieval Origins and Enlightenment Outcomes Rita Copeland; Bibliography of the Works of Alastair Minnis Gina Marie Hurley and Clara Wild; Bibliography; Index.
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