Liquid Cell Electron Microscopy

Liquid Cell Electron Microscopy

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Part I. Technique: 1. Past, present and future electron microscopy of liquid specimens Niels de Jonge and Frances M. Ross; 2. Encapsulated liquid cells for transmission electron microscopy Eric Jensen and Kristian Molhave; 3. Imaging liquid processes using open cells in the TEM, SEM, and beyond Chongmin Wang; 4. Membrane based environmental cells for SEM in liquids Andrei Kolmakov; 5. Observations in liquids using an inverted SEM Chikara Sato and Mitsuo Suga; 6. Temperature control in liquid cells for TEM Shen J. Dillon and Xin Chen; 7. Electron beam effects in liquid cell TEM and STEM Nicholas M. Schneider; 8. Resolution in liquid cell experiments Niels de Jonge, Nigel Browning, James E. Evans, See Wee Chee and Frances M. Ross; Part II. Applications: 9. Nanostructure growth, interactions and assembly in the liquid phase Hong-Gang Liao, Kai-Yang Niu and Haimei Zheng; 10. Quantifying electrochemical processes using liquid cell TEM Frances M. Ross; 11. Application of electrochemical liquid cells for electrical energy storage and conversion studies Raymond R. Unocic and Karren L. More; 12. Applications of liquid cell TEM in corrosion science See Wee Chee and M. Grace Burke; 13. Nanoscale water imaged by liquid cell TEM Utkur Mirsaidov and Paul Matsudaira; 14. Nanoscale deposition and etching of materials using focused electron beams and liquid reactants Eugenii U. Donev, Matthew Bresin and J. Todd Hastings; 15. Liquid cell TEM for studying environmental and biological mineral systems Michael H. Nielsen and James J. De Yoreo; 16. Liquid STEM for studying biological function in whole cells Diana B. Peckys and Niels de Jonge; 17. Visualizing macromolecules in liquid at the nanoscale Andrew C. Demmert, Madeline J. Dukes, Elliot Pohlmann, Kaya Patel, A. Cameron Varano, Zhi Sheng, Sarah M. McDonald, Michael Spillman, Utkur Mirsaidov, Paul Matsudaira and Deborah F. Kelly; 18. Application of liquid cell microscopy to study function of muscle proteins Haruo Sugi, Shigeru Chaen, Tsuyoshi Akimoto, Masaru Tanokura, Takuya Miyakawa and Hiroki Minoda; Part III. Prospects: 19. High resolution imaging in the graphene liquid cell Jungwon Park, Vivekananda P. Adiga, Alex Zettl and A. Paul Alivisatos; 20. Analytical electron microscopy during in situ liquid cell studies Megan E. Holtz, David A. Muller and Nestor J. Zaluzec; 21. Spherical and chromatic aberration correction for atomic-resolution liquid cell electron microscopy Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski and Lothar Houben; 22. The potential for imaging dynamic processes in liquids with high temporal resolution Nigel D. Browning and James E. Evans; 23. Future prospects for biomolecular, biomimetic and biomaterials research enabled by new liquid cell electron microscopy techniques Taylor Woehl and Tanya Prozorov.
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