Lightwave Communications

Lightwave Communications

Papen, George C. (University of California, San Diego); Blahut, Richard E. (University of Illinois)

Cambridge University Press






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A rigorous, course-tested text providing the first integrated treatment of guided wave propagation, communications theory, and quantum optics. Including background fundamentals and end-of-chapter homework, it is essential reading for students studying optical communications, as well as researchers and professionals working in the area.
1. Introduction; 2. Background; 3. The guided lightwave channel; 4. The linear lightwave channel; 5. The nonlinear lightwave channel; 6. Random signals; 7. Lightwave components; 8. The electrical channel; 9. The information channel; 10. Modulation and demodulation; 11. Interference; 12. Channel estimation; 13. Channel codes; 14. The information capacity of a lightwave channel; 15. The quantum optics model; 16. The quantum lightwave channel.
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