Light Localisation and Lasing

Light Localisation and Lasing

Random and Quasi-random Photonic Structures


Cambridge University Press






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List of contributors; Preface; 1. Light propagation and emission in complex photonic media W. L. Vos, A. Lagendijk and A. P. Mosk; 2. Transport of localized waves via modes and channels A. Genack and Z. Shi; 3. Modes structure and interaction in random lasers M. Leonetti and C. Lopez; 4. Ordered and disordered light transport in couple microring resonators S. Mookherjea; 5. One-dimensional photonic quasicrystals M. Ghulinyan; 6. 2D pseudo-random and deterministic aperiodic lasers H. Cao, H. Noh and L. Dal Negro; 7. 3D photonic quasicrystal and deterministic aperiodic structures A. Ledermann, M. Renner and G. von Freymann; 8. Cavity quantum electrodynamics with three-dimensional photonic bandgap crystals W. L. Vos and L. A. Woldering; References; Index.
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