Lexical Conflict

Lexical Conflict

Theory and Practice

Sipka, Danko

Cambridge University Press






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Lexical Conflict combines theoretical and applied linguistic perspectives to explore the lexical richness of over 100 world languages. The text systematises cross-linguistic and cross-cultural differences, and then formulates strategies of lexicographic treatment across these differences, building a foundation for the establishment of similar solutions in other branches of applied linguistics.
1. Introduction; Part I. Towards a Taxonomy of Cross-Linguistics Lexical Differences: 2. Lexical anisomorphism in linguistic and philosophical approaches; 3. Cases of lexical anisomorphism; 4. A taxonomy of cross-linguistic lexical differences; Part II. Lexicographical Considerations: 5. Introduction; 6. Zero equivalence; 7. Multiple equivalence; 8. Partial equivalence; 9. Lexical anisomorphism in machine-readable dictionaries; 10. Lexicographic considerations: summary; 11. Outlook; References; Index.
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