Legal Transplants in East Asia and Oceania

Legal Transplants in East Asia and Oceania

Breda, Vito

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Vito Breda; 1. The legal transplants debate: getting beyond the impasse? Andrew Harding; 2. Transplant shock: the hazards of introducing statutes of general application Jennifer Corrin; 3. Bentham's theory of legal transplants and his influence in Japan Michihiro Kaino; 4. On the Hardingian renovation of legal transplants Benjamen Gussen; 5. The incomplete legal transplant - good faith and the common law Anthony Gray; 6. How long is too long to determine the success of a legal transplant? International doctrines and contract law in Oceania Jessica Viven-Wilksch; 7. Proportionality in Australian public law Hoong Phun Lee and Colin Campbell; 8. Legal transfer and 'hybrid' international commercial dispute resolution procedures: lessons from the Singapore International Commercial Court Drossos Stamboulakis; 9. The Independent Lawyers' Association of Myanmar as a legal transplant: local challenges to the idea of an Independent National Bar Association Jonathan Liljeblad; 10. Shark sanctuaries as vehicles for transplanting conservation tools in disparate legal jurisdictions Erika Techera; 11. Global norms; Local resistance: addressing impunity in Japan and beyond Sophia O'Brien; 12. Legal transplants, temporary migration projects and special rights Tiziana Torresi; 13. Conclusion Vito Breda.
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