Leaf Optical Properties

Leaf Optical Properties

Ustin, Susan (University of California, Davis); Jacquemoud, Stephane

Cambridge University Press






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Leaf Optical Properties reviews the state-of-the-art research into leaf interactions with light, for anyone working in or studying remote sensing, plant physiology, ecology or resource management. Topics covered include leaf traits, their anatomy and structure, biophysics and spectroscopy, radiometry, radiative transfer models, and remote and proximal sensing
1. A brief history of leaf colour; 2. Leaf biophysics; 3. Spectroscopy of leaf molecules; 4. Measurement of leaf optical properties; 5. Leaf optical properties in different wavelength domains; 6. Variation due to leaf structural, chemical and physiological traits; 7. Variation due to leaf abiotic and biotic factors; 8. Comprehensive reviews of leaf optical properties models; 9. Modeling leaf optical properties: prospect; 10. Modeling three-dimensional leaf optical properties: raytran; 11. Extraction of leaf traits; 12. Applications; Conclusion; References; Index.