Law as Religion, Religion as Law

Law as Religion, Religion as Law


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Part I. Sanctification and Secularization: 1. Desanctification of law and the problem of absolutes Jeremy Waldron; 2. The paradox of human rights discourse and the Jewish legal tradition Suzanne Last Stone; 3. Sovereign imaginaries: visualizing the sacred foundation of law's authority Richard K. Sherwin; Part II. Legal-Religious Language: 4. Dat: from law to religion: the transformation of formative term in modern times Abraham Melamed; 5. Law as religion, religion as law: Halakhah from a semiotic point of view Bernard S. Jackson; 6. Canonicity as a defining feature of legal and religious discourse: a programmatic essay Daniel Reifman; Part III. Legal-Theological Roots: 7. Exceptional grace: religion as the sovereign suspension of law Robert Yelle; 8. A bad man theory of religious law (numbers 15:30-31 and its afterlife) David C. Flatto; 9. Soviet law and political religion Dmytro Vovk; 10. International law as evangelism Kevin Crow; Part IV. Religious Conceptions of Law: 11. 'Enjoin them upon your children to keep' (Deuteronomy 32:46): law as commandment and legacy, or, Robert Cover meets Midrash Steven D. Fraade; 12. 'Between man and god' and 'Between man and his fellow': categories in Polemical context Itzhak Brand; 13. Christian feasts and administration of Roman justice in late antiquity Silvia Schiavo; Part V. Law in Formation: Religious Perspectives: 14. Law as a problematic aspect of religion: Paul's skepticism in a broader Jewish context Serge Ruzer; 15. When law meets theology: legality and revelation in the Jewish, Islamic, and Zoroastrian traditions in the Abbasid period Yishai Kiel.